Is It Ever Too Late for a Wisdom Teeth Removal in Lee’s Summit, MO?

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Lee's Summit, MOMany parents understand the importance of bringing their children in for a wisdom teeth removal in Lee's Summit, MO, but some are not sure when the right time for one is. Some adults may have never had their wisdom teeth removed but still experience discomfort or infection from these teeth. In both of these situations, we often receive the question, “Is it ever too late for a wisdom teeth removal in Lee's Summit, MO?”

What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the third molars on the back of your jaw that often develop much later than the rest of your teeth. Some people have wisdom teeth while others do not, and some people have all four wisdom teeth, while 30 percent of patients are missing one or more of these final molars. For most people, by the time wisdom teeth begin to grow in, the rest of their teeth have already been permanently established for years. This situation makes it hard for your teeth to make room for the wisdom teeth, resulting in discomfort, crowding, and even impacted teeth.

Impacted teeth have been obstructed by other teeth or tissues so they cannot properly erupt through the gums. Impacted teeth can lead to periodontal (gum) disease, damage to nearby teeth, and even tooth loss. To avoid this unnecessary discomfort and potential for infection, you should receive a wisdom teeth removal in Lee's Summit, MO.

When should I receive a wisdom teeth removal in Lee's Summit, MO?

Wisdom teeth typically begin to prepare for eruption through the gums between ages 15 and your early 20s. It is wise to have these teeth removed before they erupt and before they become impacted. Wisdom teeth can be seen through x-rays that will also tell dentists the progress of their growth. Wisdom teeth can be more easily removed without complications if they are extracted before the root of the tooth completely develops. Waiting until after a root is established can make the process harder and even lead to a risk of harming sinus cavities within the head.

When is it too late to have a wisdom teeth removal in Lee's Summit, MO?

While the impaction of teeth may begin soon after wisdom teeth attempt to break through the gums, it is not unusual for symptoms to not appear until decades later. While it is best to take care of wisdom teeth as soon as possible during their development, they can still be removed when you are in your 40s or 50s. The disadvantages of waiting this long are that the teeth will be more strongly implanted into your jawbone, and the surgery may take longer. Recovery time will also be more difficult, take longer, and cause more discomfort. If you are just now experiencing discomfort related to your wisdom teeth, it is not too late to have them removed. An examination at our office will be necessary as soon as possible if you are thinking about a wisdom teeth removal in Lee's Summit, MO.

To learn more about having a wisdom teeth removal in Lee's Summit, MO performed on you or your children, schedule an appointment with our office. We can evaluate your situation and help you achieve a more comfortable and healthy smile.


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