Facial Liposuction in Lee's Summit Can Restore a Youthful Appearance

Take control of your appearance by scheduling facial liposuction in Lee's Summit. This is an excellent way to eliminate some of the fat deposits that can build up in the face over time. Since facial fat is highly noticeable, liposuction is a concrete way to make an immediate impact on the appearance. Thus, if you are feeling self-conscious or tired of your appearance, call our clinic to discover how convenient this solution really is today.

Facial fat is common and can build up over time

It is common for people to gain weight in the face with age. This can happen due to pregnancy, an unhealthy diet or even age. It is best to try and tackle excess weight through a diet and exercise routine. Sometimes, however, even if exercise and diet are effective for removing excess weight from other areas of the body, the face can continue to appear overweight.

Facial fat can be incredibly frustrating for someone who is trying to eat right and remain active. When the face simply is not responding, there really is nothing that one can do with exercise. It is not as though patients can lift weights in the face. Instead, there becomes a need to look for surgical remedies.

Facial liposuction in Lee’s Summit can be an ideal solution

By visiting our office, patients can experience the many benefits of facial liposuction in Lee's Summit. We can target very specific areas of the face and remove unwanted fat to improve a person's appearance.

Who is a good candidate for facial liposuction?

Essentially anyone who wishes to reduce the size of their cheeks, the fat deposits underneath their neck or jowls, would benefit from having these fat deposits surgically removed. Since the face rarely responds to exercise and diet to the same degree that the rest of the body does, this may be the only way to remove the stubborn fat deposits. As such, there really is no set age of patients that benefit the most from this procedure. Rather, it is dependent upon how a person's body is responding to their diet and exercise routines.

However, with age, the level of elastin and collagen in a person's skin is reduced and this can make the fat in the face even more pronounced as skin begins to sag and jowls become more likely. Due to this fact, many men are choosing to come in for facial surgery. Neck fat and sagging loose skin can impact men and women but men tend to have this problem more frequently.

So much so that neck fat is a common sign of male aging. Those who do not wish to look older are taking matters into their own hands and scheduling liposuction. The procedure is an effective solution and can help restore a youthful appearance.

Find out if it is right for you

We perform this procedure on a regular basis and would be happy to discuss the details with you so call today and schedule a consultation.

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