Facial Surgery Aftercare FAQ's

Are you getting ready to have facial surgery and looking for more information on aftercare?

Anytime surgery is performed, it is essential that the patient receives proper aftercare. Every health care professional will provide their patient with the proper aftercare instructions, which need to be carefully followed for the most successful outcome. While it may sound simple to follow these aftercare instructions, many patients who start feeling better towards the end of their recovery will often make the choice to resume their regular activities too soon. This can have damaging side-effects.

According to the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, it is essential for patients to follow their surgeon's aftercare instructions to the letter.

Facial surgery aftercare FAQs

The following are some of the more frequently asked questions people have about aftercare following facial surgery.

Will there be a lot of pain?

Everyone deals with pain differently, and for that reason, every patient receives a type of pain medication that matches their needs. That said, doctors prefer not to overprescribe pain medication, so do not expect to receive a large number of pain relievers.

Will there be a lot of swelling?

There will be some swelling involved, which often subsides after four to five days. One at-home remedy to reduce this inflammation is placing a cold pack on the area. However, do not put bare ice on your skin. Wrap the ice in a towel. You can also take an anti-inflammatory drug, like ibuprofen, to reduce the swelling.

Can only soft foods be consumed after my surgery?

Eating soft foods that are also nutritious is highly recommended. Items, such as soups, applesauce and pudding, can be consumed a couple of hours after the surgical procedure. It is also necessary for patients to drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration.

Is there a chance of infection?

Yes, there is always a chance of a patient developing an infection after having a surgical procedure. This fact makes it extremely important for all patients to follow their aftercare instructions closely. This means you need to pay close attention to cleaning instruction near the surgical area.

How can I speed up the healing process?

Like any other injury or illness, the best way to heal after facial surgery is through rest. Give your body a chance to recover. You will be back to normal in no time at all. This is a great time to catch up on books or movies that you have been putting off.

Have any more questions?

If you still have a question about facial surgery that we failed to answer, we invite you to call us right away so we can provide you with more information. We have a fantastic team of medical professionals who are always available to help patients. We believe that only when you receive the most optimal healthcare services will you be able to fully from your recent facial surgery.

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