Frequently Asked Questions About Facial Liposuction Lee's Summit

As a facial cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Prstojevich performs facial liposuction in Lee's Summit. This unique and effective solution is available to patients who want to look and feel the best they can but need a little help in getting there. It is normal for someone to wish to change his or her appearance and by working with a facial surgeon, we can address these concerns.

Facial liposuction in Lee's Summit is something that most people are unfamiliar with. We recommend scheduling a consultation to find out if facial liposuction is the right procedure for you. In the meantime, here are some frequently asked questions from other patients.

Will facial liposuction help with my chin?

Yes, if the chin is no longer defined due to layers of fat around one's jawline, it can impact appearance and self-confidence. We understand how difficult this can be and offer a solution. We can use this procedure to create contours in the face again so that the chin can regain its prominence. This is one of the more common reasons that both men and women elect to have facial liposuction.

Do you remove a lot of fat?

Typically, we do not have to. When working with the face, it is critical to be detailed, cautious and not overdo it. We will sit down with each patient prior to performing any procedures to go over goals and how much change is necessary to produce beautiful results. Removing small amounts of fat in the face can make a big difference.

Will I look younger when you are done?

That depends on if the excessive facial and neck fat cause one to look older. Most people feel that it does because it is a sign of the skin loosening and can make a person appear overweight or out of shape. This procedure is not designed to remove wrinkles, though. If wrinkles are a concern, Dr. Prstojevich can examine the patient and recommend on how to best address the additional concerns.

If I need to get rid of my jowls, will this help?

Absolutely. Jowls can be devastating to the appearance and even if one loses weight, they very rarely go away. This creates a problem for people wanting to look fit and healthy but is unable to remove this pesky and unwanted fat around the jawline. Exercise typically will not help either, making facial liposuction in Lee's Summit the best option for getting rid of jowls once and for all.

Do you offer consultations?

Absolutely, our practice is highly consultative. We understand that each patient is different, with unique challenges and in need of individualized treatment plans. We are here to listen and to offer advice specifically for each situation. We encourage one to schedule an appointment to learn how facial liposuction in Lee's Summit can improve the appearance relatively quickly. Call today to speak with Dr. Prstojevich.


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