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Dental implants are one of the most modern and effective ways to replace your teeth following tooth loss. None of the past methods of replacing teeth are as effective, or as pleasing to the eye, as dental implants today. Dental implants will perfectly replicate the naturally-occurring teeth in a patient's mouth. After placing a dental implant and a dental crown on top of the dental implant, hardly anybody will be able to know that you do not have a natural tooth. What is even more interesting is the fact that your body will actually interact with a dental implant in much the same way as it does with your natural teeth.

In a sense, even your physical body begins to think of the implant as an actual tooth. Sadly, whenever there is technology as advanced as dental implants, there are going to be a large number of myths put out there by people who consider themselves to be experts. Do not allow yourself to fall for these misconceptions. If you have any questions about dental implants, feel free to contact us, schedule a consultation, and come in to speak with us for the truth.

One of the most long-standing myths about dental implants is that they will be really noticeable to people when you smile. In reality, dental implants resemble normal teeth to a degree that even you will have trouble remembering, by sight alone, which tooth is the implant.  Unless you tell somebody you are getting dental implants, chances are that nobody will even realize that you have a dental implant.

Another common myth has to do with the healing time associated with dental implants. Some people speculate that the long recovery time with dental implants is simply not worth the wait. Healing time with dental implants, which is an oral surgery, can be between two and six months but varies significantly from patient to patient. In reality, the long healing time associated with dental implants is because it takes time for the dental implants to properly fuse with your jaw bone. Once your dental implant fuses with your jaw bone, it will act much the same way as a naturally occurring tooth root, becoming one of the most stable and secure replacements to a lost tooth.

Perhaps one of the most bizarre myths about dental implants is that they are uncomfortable. Many people will avoid getting dental implants because they are led to believe that dental implants have to be painful. Our patients express an opinion that the procedure is extremely simple and a lot less uncomfortable than they imagined. In addition, once the dental implants are in place they will look and feel exactly like your natural teeth, with no additional discomfort at all. Dental implants have a significant advantage over other methods of replacing lost teeth, in that they look, feel, and act exactly like natural teeth. So the idea that dental implants are uncomfortable is an extremely weird myth.

Speak with an Oral Surgeon 

To learn more about how dental implants work, call our office and schedule a consultation. As an oral surgeon, we can place the implant and the crown (new tooth) that is attached to it.

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