How a Facial Surgeon Specialist in Lee’s Summit, MO Can Help You


We are a facial surgeon specialist in Lee's Summit, MO.  Anyone who lives in and around the area has the advantage of being able to consult, and be treated in our office. We are a surgeon who specializes in both Oral,  Maxillofacial Surgery, and Cosmetic Surgery, which covers a wide range of dental and facial surgical procedures.

The procedures undertaken by our office include but are certainly not limited to ...
Oral Surgery Procedures

Wisdom Teeth
Perhaps the most common type of oral surgery is the removal of wisdom teeth. All too often, these third molars at the back of the mouth do not have enough room to emerge fully, or in alignment. Impacted Wisdom Teeth can not only cause pain, but can damage the molar just next to it.
Dental Implants
If you have lost one or more of your natural teeth and wish to replace them you might consider dental implants that, unlike dentures, are permanently fixed in the law itself. An implant consists of a titanium post that, over time, bonds with the bone itself. By taking the place of the missing root, the implant provides a strong foundation for the tooth that will be attached to it. Implants have the benefit of looking, feeling, and functioning exactly like natural teeth.  As a facial surgeon specialist in Lee's Summit, MO, this is a procedure we complete on a regular basis.
Mini Implants and Bone Grafting
Mini implants are exactly the same as regular implants and are only distinguished by their small size. They are especially beneficial for people who are not good candidates for regular implants because the bones in their jaw do not have the sufficient density or are too narrow.
If the bone is insufficient or of poor quality a bone graft, taken from another area of the body and used to increase the height or width of the bony ridge that will hold the tooth.
Orthognathic Surgery
Corrective surgery is called for when a person's jaws do not fit together correctly. This can, and does, cause a host of problems like difficulty chewing, breathing, etc. As a facial surgeon specialist in Lee's Summit, MO, we will reposition the jaws improving both their function and appearance.
TMJ Disorders
We also correct the Temporomandibular Disorders which are the painful dysfunction of one of the most complicated of all joints on the body, i.e. The TemporoMandibular Joint which connects your jawbone, to the bone on each side of your head.  These disorders can be caused by excessive stress, clenching of teeth, an injury, or even arthritis.
Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Rhinoplasty is essentially plastic surgery of the nose, is sometimes called a "nose job". Although this surgery most often performed for cosmetic reasons, it can play a vital part in correcting structural defects of the nose, such as a 'deviated septum' and the associated impaired breathing.
BOTOX®, Facelifts, and Facial Liposuction
By reducing the appearance of fine lines around the eyes and mouth, and smoothing out fine lines on the forehead, face and neck, BOTOX® is the ideal non-invasive solution for patients who wish to turn the clock back a few years.
However, for more permanent effects, a face-lift can, by removing excess facial skin and tightening the underlying muscle and tissues, can almost literally give you back the face you had ten years ago. Conversely, although it is not a treatment for obesity, facial liposuction reduces localized fatty deposits from your cheeks, chin, and neck.
These are just a small number of the procedures carried out by us as a facial surgeon specialist in Lee's Summit, MO. Contact us to discuss these procedures in detail. We will be more that glad to help you with painful or just unsightly facial and dental issues.

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