How Will I Benefit From a Rhinoplasty in Lee’s Summit, MO?

Rhinoplasty in Lees Summit, MOA rhinoplasty in Lees Summit, MO is performed to surgically correct or change the shape of a nose. This popular cosmetic surgery is often simply referred to as a “nose job”. Patients opt for a rhinoplasty for many different reasons— some patients are forced to undergo the procedure to repair damage after an accident while others choose to have the shape or size of their nose changed purely for physical ideals. Regardless of your reason for having an interest in a rhinoplasty, it is a beneficial and successful option for anyone who is unhappy with any aspect of their nose.

A Rhinoplasty Can Correct Structural Problems

A rhinoplasty in Lees Summit, MO can be performed on any patient who has a structural issue or congenital malformation that inhibits the ability to breathe properly or smell. This problem could have existed from birth or be a new issue that occurred as a result of an impact. A surgical reconstruction of your nose is also a vital option to consider if you have been in a car accident or been the victim of a sports injury. A rhinoplasty gently and successfully alters the shape of your nose, restoring its appearance and function.

Structural issues can also be the cause of snoring. Nearly one-fourth of couples end up sleeping separately due to snoring. A successful rhinoplasty can stop snoring or reduce it significantly. A rhinoplasty in Lees Summit, MO can also end chronic sinusitis. Sinusitis occurs when your sinuses are inflamed, leading to the uncomfortable “stuffy” feeling many people are familiar with.

Common physical aspects that are disliked by a wide population are a crooked nose or a nose with a bulbous tip. Patients that visit with these physical characteristics often choose to have a rhinoplasty performed to correct them.

A Rhinoplasty Can Improve Your Appearance and Confidence

A rhinoplasty in Lee's Summit, MO can be used to enhance your appearance. If you believe the shape or size of your nose detracts from your attractiveness, this surgery can reshape your nose into a more attractive and fitting result. Scientific studies show that the first thing most people notice about a person is their nose and mouth. If you are concerned your nose reflects your natural beauty inappropriately, we can help. A rhinoplasty could also be necessary for a career choice. Many actors, lawyers, models, and even doctors undergo cosmetic nose surgery in order to maintain the admiration and respect of others. A nose surgery can improve reception and perception of others.

A Rhinoplasty Can Redirect Poor Prior Cosmetic Surgery

Oddly enough, rhinoplasties are often requested to improve a prior cosmetic surgery that a patient was unhappy with the result of. If it is performed as a method of correction for another nose surgery, it is called a secondary rhinoplasty. These surgeries can even be performed a third time as needed to correct cosmetic changes that the patient dislikes.

The benefits of a rhinoplasty in Lee's Summit, MO are endless. We encourage any patient who is currently unhappy with an aspect of their appearance to speak with us about how a rhinoplasty may be able to improve their facial structure and confidence. We also suggest those with chronic snoring or breathing problems to visit for a consultation.


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