What Makes Someone a Good Candidate for a Facelift in Lee's Summit, MO?

Are you considering a facelift in Lee's Summit, MO? If so, there are many benefits to this procedure. A facelift can significantly enhance your appearance and give a boost of self-confidence that makes life far more enjoyable. It is possible to look and feel amazing after a procedure like this. While not for everyone, those who are the right candidate for the surgery find that there are many benefits to life as a whole in addition to what they see in the mirror. Primarily, this comes from the internal confidence that comes from feeling amazing.

Signs you are a good candidate for a Facelift in Lee’s Summit, MO

#1. You have suffered a facial trauma

Some patients come to our office after being in an accident and suffering facial trauma. Something like a car wreck or a minor burn can create the need to invest in facial work and we are the right surgeon for it. After conducting an examination, we let patients know what is possible in regards to either a facelift or facial reconstruction.

#2. The skin is sagging significantly

Age can cause the skin to sag and droop. This is a common sign of aging and one that often makes patients feel uncomfortable or insecure. We are able to complete the procedure in a way that restores a person's appearance back to a time when they were younger. The goal is not to make a person look so perfect that they appear to be fake but to restore natural beauty.

#3. Jowls or excessive skin under the chin and jaw are pronounced

Jowls or sagging skin under the neck can completely transform person's appearance. It makes it difficult to see the jawline and makes a face look soft and round in general. A facelift is a good solution for being able to eliminate that excess skin and restore the facial structure.

#4. The face has lost its shape

This can happen due to old age or excessive weight gain or even weight gain and then loss. The creation of too much fat or sagging skin can cause the face to lose its shape or structure. We can help to solve this problem.

Call to schedule an appointment with our office

To learn more about your options for a facelift in Lee's Summit, MO, we encourage you to call and schedule a consultation. This is the best way to determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure and to learn more about the process. We believe that an informed and educated patient is in the right place to make this type of decision, and so we take the time to go over everything carefully and answer all the questions that a prospective patient may have.

This is absolutely critical for ensuring that the process begins on the right foot and for setting proper expectations along the way. Even if you are on the fence about whether or not to have the procedure, we encourage you to call and schedule a consultation.

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