Questions to Ask an Oral Surgeon in Lee’s Summit

Oral Surgeon in Lee's SummitAs an oral surgeon in Lee's Summit, we can replace your missing teeth with dental implants so that you can regain the functionality of your smile.  We can also remove teeth when necessary, as is often the case with wisdom teeth or teeth that are severely infected.  When it comes to oral surgery, some people are not aware that it can be extensive and that it needs to be treated with the same level of care that would be applied to any surgery.  Just because your mouth is a small area of the body does not mean that it is less sensitive than something like your arm.  The opposite is actually true because you use your mouth constantly throughout the day.  Every time you speak, take a drink of water or eat a snack, your mouth is impacted.  You cannot avoid using it like you can with an arm, leg, or another area of the body.  This makes it incredibly important to work with the most experienced surgeon that you can.  After all, the skill of your surgeon and the tools that they use will directly impact how you feel after surgery and how quickly you will recover.  As such, we recommend that you visit our office for your surgical care.  If you do not live near Lee's Summit, be sure to interview your dentist or oral surgeon and ask these questions:

Is surgery really necessary?

In dentistry, there is often more than one way to tackle a problem.  For example, if a tooth is infected, it could be saved by removing the infection and placing a dental crown around it.  While this is not always a possibility, it is wise to ask about your options.  You may find that there is a less invasive route that you can take first before exploring surgical solutions.

What should I do to prepare for surgery?

It is important to give yourself the best opportunity for a fast recovery and there are often steps you can take to do so.  For example, if you are diabetic, you should pay extra attention to your blood sugar and do what you can to prevent a diabetic episode. Otherwise, your white blood cells could be inhibited and your recovery take longer.  As an oral surgeon in Lee's Summit, we always want to know about any other medical conditions that you have so that we can make thorough recommendations.

What will the day of surgery be like?

Depending on what procedure you are having, you may not need to be put to sleep.  Whether or not you are will directly impact how long it takes for you to recover in the clinic and whether or not you need to arrange for a ride home.  The level of anesthesia that we use will also determine whether or not you can eat before coming in.

How fast will my recovery be?

That depends on the type of procedure that is being performed.  Generally speaking, any time that your gums are cut into, you can expect to have some swelling for a day or two.  During this time, you should use an ice pack for fifteen minutes at a time and take ibuprofen to reduce the swelling.  For a week, we typically recommend eating soft foods and being as gentle as possible when brushing teeth.

To learn more about oral surgery, call our office and schedule an appointment with an oral surgeon in Lee's Summit.


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