Reasons to Schedule Facial Liposuction Lee's Summit

There are many reasons to schedule facial liposuction in Lee's Summit. As an experienced surgeon, we are available to help patients regardless of what is motivating them to undergo liposuction. We encourage anyone who is curious about the procedure to schedule a consultation for more information. It is important for people to have the necessary knowledge to weigh the pros and cons of any procedure prior to undertaking it.

Additionally, there are other procedures that may address a particular challenge more effectively than liposuction. During the consultation, we have the opportunity to provide patients with a thorough analysis of the benefits of each procedure. In this way, people can make a decision on what is likely to be the most effective method to produce the desired results.

Reasons patients visit our clinic for facial liposuction in Lee’s Summit

Some of the reasons patients visit our clinic for liposuction include:

#1. Excessive facial fat after weight loss

While people will lose weight and see results throughout the body, they may not see as significant of a loss in the face. People lose weight differently and it may come off of other areas of the body like the abdomen, thighs, and arms, but remain in the face. In this situation, people may not want to lose additional weight in the body and this makes it wise to simply schedule treatment instead.

This treatment allows for patients to lose fat in the areas they need to, while the rest of the body can remain the right size and shape. This level of customization is not available through diet and exercise alone.

#2. Large cheeks due to genetics

Some people are just born with naturally large cheeks. Through genetics, some people naturally have what is referred to as chipmunk cheeks. Being teased as a child is one thing, but dealing with us as an adult can lead to self-esteem issues. Fortunately, there is simply no need to live with excessive cheek fat. With facial liposuction, we can remove this fat so that a patient can have the facial shape they desire.

#3. Excessive fat in the lower cheeks and under the chin

With age, many people develop additional fat in the lower cheeks and under their chin. This is a common sign of aging that can plague men in particular. Even younger men can begin to develop too much fat underneath their chin and this creates an appearance of being much older than they actually are.

Through our liposuction technique, we can remove fat from the lower region of the face to prevent this common sign of aging.

Make an appointment for facial liposuction in Lee’s Summit.

If any of these symptoms sound like something that you are struggling with, call and schedule an appointment to find out if facial liposuction is right for you. If it is, we can make an appointment to complete the procedure. It is wise to plan on taking some time off of work for the recovery process. We will explain the details during a consultation but know that there will be some swelling and bruise associated with the procedure.

This is only temporary but going to work immediately afterward maybe slightly uncomfortable. Learn more by scheduling an appointment today.

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