Reasons to Visit a Facial Surgeon in Lee's Summit

If you need a facial surgeon in Lee's Summit, we encourage you to call our office and schedule an appointment.  We help patients throughout the area to improve their appearance and their health. If you have a facial issue that you want a physician to address using surgery, then we are the place for you.

Reasons to visit a facial surgeon in Lee’s Summit

Some of the reasons to call our office include:

#1. Jaw surgery

We perform jaw surgery on a regular basis. In fact, we often work with orthodontists who refer patients to our clinic after determining that oral surgery is a faster way to bring the jaw into alignment than braces. This is beneficial for patients who have an overbite, underbite or crossbite. Additionally, some patients who are suffering from symptoms of TMJ may find that they are reduced through proactive jaw surgery.

#2. Tooth extractions

We also perform tooth extractions in our clinic. Patients who need to have their wisdom teeth removed often visit our clinic to do so rather than having them pulled out at the dentist office. Since we can put patients to sleep, this provides a more comfortable way to have wisdom teeth extracted. Whether this is necessary for health reasons or to ensure that teeth are not pushed out of the correct position, this is a common procedure.

#3. Dental implants

As an oral surgeon, we can place dental implants. Implants are the best way to replace missing teeth because this is the only solution that gives a patient a new root system and a new tooth. With this procedure, a small titanium post is implanted into the surface of the gums and secured to the jaw bone. The body will respond by depositing bone around the post until osseointegration is complete and the implant is entirely secure.

#4. Rhinoplasty

Many patients visit our office for a rhinoplasty or nose job. This is one way to improve a person's appearance and sometimes necessary for health reasons as well.

Reasons to visit a surgeon

There are distinct benefits in visiting an oral surgeon for any of these procedures. We handle operations on a daily basis, therefore, our clinical experience and knowledge are vast.  A surgeon is someone who has achieved mastery at very specific procedures. This makes it possible to identify any potential problems and to reduce the likelihood of there being complications.

It is wise to see a surgeon for a procedure like a tooth extraction because even though a dentist can certainly handle the procedure, they do not complete surgery on a regular basis. This means that they are unlikely to have achieved this same level of mastery.

Get your questions answered

To learn more about how a facial surgeon in Lee's Summit can assist you, call and schedule an appointment with our clinic.  We can answer any questions that you have regarding a variety of procedures and to provide the information necessary for you to make an informed decision regarding how to proceed. Learn more by calling our office today.

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