A Rhinoplasty for Injury Correction

RhinoplastyIf you have injured your nose in the past, you may need a rhinoplasty. Many patients hesitate to inquire about rhinoplasties because they believe nose surgeries are only performed for cosmetic reasons. While a nose procedure will definitely improve your appearance, it will also improve any negative symptoms related to nose trauma, which is why it is so important to learn more about having a nose procedure performed for injury correction.

A broken nose is arguably the most common facial fracture. Nose injuries occur for many reasons, from playing contact sports to being in a car accident. The bone that makes up the bridge of the nose is a delicate area that commonly suffers the biggest brunt of an injury. Immediately following a nose injury, most people will experience swelling, discomfort, trouble breathing, and even bruising that extends to below the eye area, but these symptoms can be prolonged if you have serious nose trauma. A rhinoplasty can help your nose heal back to its normal position, preventing future breathing problems and sinus issues. Having surgery performed within two weeks following an accident will produce the best results closest to the original position of your nose, but scheduling a rhinoplasty even years later will still result in a positive outcome.

As mentioned briefly, injured noses often lead to long-term breathing and sinus issues. Some injuries lead to the collapse of the nostrils. If this occurs, the injured person will have trouble breathing even during times of little exertion, and they will often become snorers at night, resulting in less satisfying sleep. Fortunately, one of the most common reasons patients visit for a rhinoplasty is to have their breathing improved. Most insurance companies will cover a rhinoplasty procedure performed for a medical reason like improving breathing.

In addition to causing chronic breathing problems, nose injuries can lead to serious sinus issues and persistent sinus infections. When your sinuses are compromised, your whole body can feel fatigued. You may experience tenderness or inflammation in your face and ears, and you probably suffer from constant sinus pressure and headaches. In addition to these bothersome symptoms, you could have difficulty sleeping, throat irritation, trouble breathing, and even problems acclimating to different altitudes. Not having a proper sense of smell can also be associated with sinus problems caused by nose injuries, which leads to inhibited enjoyment of food. Most sinus trouble grows worse with age, which is why it is so important to visit for a rhinoplasty as soon as possible.

While having a nose procedure may seem scary, it is really a simple surgery that will have you feeling and looking better in a short time. If you are unhappy with your nose due to health reasons or because you don't like how it looks, a simple rhinoplasty surgery in our office can improve your quality of life and make you feel more attractive and confident.


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