Surprising Benefits of a BOTOX® Treatment in Lee’s Summit

Botox Treatment in Lee's SummitThere are a lot of benefits to getting a BOTOX® treatment in Lee's Summit.  While most people tend to have BOTOX® injections to reduce or eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, that is not all that it is good for.  BOTOX® actually has many surprising health benefits as well, including:

  • Reducing Migraines. BOTOX® has been proven to release the tension in muscles.  As a result, when it is injected into the forehead, neck and shoulders, it can cause a reduction in migraines.  It is approved by the FDA to do so.  If you are seeking to improve your appearance but also suffer from migraines – let us know.
  • Limits Sweat.  If you are embarrassed by excess sweating, BOTOX® can actually help to reduce this.  It works by inhibiting the chemical acetylcholine (the chemical responsible for stimulating sweat glands).
  • Reducing Muscle Pain.  BOTOX® works to prevent your muscles from contracting.  This is why it reduces the appearance of wrinkles in your face.  The same benefit works to reduce muscle pain from arthritis.  A BOTOX® treatment in Lee’s Summit can actually improve your quality of life by reducing any soreness that you may be feeling.
  • Stop Eye Twitching.  The treatment can have a similar impact on your eyelids that it does for your muscles. That means that your eyelids will stop twitching and it can also be used to help with a lazy eye.

In our clinic, we can examine you and discuss some of the concerns you have about your appearance and your health.  If it is possible for BOTOX® to address both at the same time, we will let you know.  You may be surprised at what can be accomplished in a short appointment.  Something to keep in mind is that once you have a treatment, the results will occur fairly quickly.  This is why so many people enjoy having regular injections to reduce their wrinkles.  It can literally take years off of your appearance in as little as one appointment.

The results can last for several months before you need to visit us for a repeat treatment. Fortunately, a BOTOX® treatment in Lee's Summit is affordable and convenient so most of our patients do not mind coming in every few months.  In time, you may be able to extend the period between your injections but we typically recommend that you do not stop entirely.  This is because BOTOX® causes your muscles to relax and without the injections they will awaken and begin to tense again, leading to wrinkles or creasing on the surface of your skin.  Generally, the deep lines are not as severe as they were prior to treatment but you will have wrinkles if you do not continue with it.

When you receive ongoing treatments, you will find that your skin is smoother, the wrinkles fade and deep lines are either eliminated or significantly reduced.  You may even feel that your skin looks firmer.  The benefits are numerous and the results are truly incredible.  To learn how BOTOX® can turn back the clock on your appearance, give us a call.


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