The Process of Wisdom Teeth Removal in Lee’s Summit

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Lee's SummitWhen you need wisdom teeth removal in Lee’s Summit, visit us. We can gently extract a wisdom tooth or teeth with our simple, discomfort-free procedure. We get to know our patients and their dental history to ensure they are not at risk for medical complications during the procedure. If they are, we take the necessary precautions to ensure the process goes smoothly. If we notice any infection while we are examining your teeth, we will provide the proper antibiotics and wait until the infection passes to perform the wisdom teeth removal in Lee’s Summit. On the day of the wisdom teeth removal, we will provide you with an anesthetic. This may be in the form of a local anesthetic to numb just the area that will be worked on, or a general anesthetic for more complicated procedures or when all of your wisdom teeth need to be removed at once. If we give you general anesthesia, you will be asleep throughout the procedure. Depending on what type of anesthetic we determine is best, we will provide guidelines to follow before the procedure, such as limiting food or drink intake the night before. After you are anesthetized, we will begin the actual extraction process. First, we will open up the tissue over the tooth. This will require us to make an incision in your gums. We will then take out any bone tissue covering the tooth if it has not yet broken the surface. Once we can access the tooth to be removed, we will gently loosen the tooth from the tissue connecting it to your jawbone. If your wisdom tooth is overly large, we may cut it into small pieces in order to remove it more easily. Once we remove the entire tooth, we will most likely suture, or stitch, the area of gums that was opened. In most cases, the stitches will be dissolvable, but in some cases, you will have to come back to have the stitches removed. We will then fold up gauze over the area and apply slight pressure to help stop the bleeding. After your wisdom teeth removal in Lee’s Summit, you will need a few days to recover. We will prescribe the appropriate pain relievers and give you a few guidelines to follow in order to speed up your healing process. If your gauze pads are blood-soaked, remove and replace them. If you don’t stop bleeding after one day, notify our office. Propping your head up when you lay down may help to stop the bleeding. Try to eat soft foods, and do not chew near your wisdom teeth removal sites. Never suck on a straw, as this can remove the blood clot and cause bleeding to return. Gently rinse your mouth out after you eat and brush your teeth as usual without getting too close to the incision site. If you are given a Water Pik, use this to gently clean out the areas where your teeth were removed after meals. This is our simple explanation of our wisdom teeth removal in Lee’s Summit. When you want the healthiest dental structure, we can help by providing you with this simple, effective surgery for wisdom teeth extraction.  
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