Things to Consider When Discussing a Rhinoplasty near Lee's Summit

Enhance your appearance in 2018 by scheduling a rhinoplasty near Lee's Summit. A rhinoplasty is a common surgical procedure that can have a dramatic impact on your physical appearance and even your health. In fact, many patients who visit us for this procedure, do so for health reasons.

Signs that it is time to schedule plastic surgery

We recommend anyone who is living with the following problems, give us a call:

  • Daily concern about how the shape of the nose is negatively impacting their appearance
  • Constant breathing problems caused by narrow or blocked passageways
  • Sinus problems caused by the nose itself
  • Being insecure about the size of the nose

First, schedule a consultation

The first step is to call our office and schedule a consultation to discuss getting a rhinoplasty near Lee's Summit. During this consultation, we will need to conduct a physical examination and may also take X-rays. in some cases, we may also use other imaging to see a clear image of the nose interior.

We will also spend time discussing the concerns of the patient. For example, if a patient wants to smooth out a bump on the bridge of the nose or to adjust the overall shape/size, we can discuss these concerns and goals during the consultation. This appointment also allows us to discuss various options, explain what the procedure is like and review the recovery process.

We believe that it is important to inform all of our patients so that they can make an educated and empowered decision. Therefore, we welcome and invite questions. Feel free to ask as many questions as necessary to become comfortable and confident in deciding to go forward with the procedure.

Second, schedule the rhinoplasty near Lee’s Summit

The rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that will take time to recover from. It is important to schedule the procedure for when it is possible to take some time off of work. We find that scheduling a consultation with us at the beginning of the year is the best way to ensure this is possible.

Thus, when a person is planning for their yearly vacation time, they can book it in advance for immediately following the procedure. Anyone who needs to coordinate a vacation with other coworkers or with their work in general, requesting time off early can help to make sure the time is available.

Third, consider how the nose should look once the procedure is complete

Before the procedure begins, it is possible to influence how the nose will look when complete. We take our patients suggestions into consideration and incorporate them into the end result. Some patients come in with pictures of noses that they like or very specific requirements. It is best to be as descriptive as possible and provide photographic examples when available.

Ultimately though, our goal is to complete the procedure in a way that looks beautiful and natural. We can have a good idea of how a patient will look when the procedure is done based on our skill and experience.

Call us today

We encourage anyone who has been considering a rhinoplasty to call our office and schedule an appointment. The results of a rhinoplasty are stunning and can truly transform a person's appearance. Find out how by visiting our office today.

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