Things to Consider When Moving Forward with Facial Liposuction in Lee's Summit

If you feel as though your face could use some contouring, facial liposuction in Lee's Summit could be right for you. Liposuction has been around for decades since its invention in 1974, yet many people still have questions surrounding this technique.

Things to consider when planning for facial liposuction in Lee’s Summit

Some critical facts patients need to know regarding this procedure are discussed below.

Liposuction is not a weight-loss procedure

It will not help patients lose weight, but it will reduce fat. This aspect may sound confusing, but it is rather simple. Liposuction, in general, will not reflect a significant amount of weight loss on the scale, but it will remove undesirable fat deposits from specific areas of the body. If weight loss is the goal, there are better solutions available, but if achieving a more slender and contoured face is the goal, a facial liposuction in Lee’s Summit is an excellent option.

Liposuction is permanent

Lipo permanently removes fat cells, meaning they will not come back because fat cells are unable to regenerate. Following a liposuction procedure, if a person gains more weight, the remaining fat cells may see some growth, but they will likely not grow enough to undo the facial liposuction results.

The recovery period is rather short

This type of procedure only requires a short recovery period, and it may be shorter than often experienced by patients after other facial improvement procedures. A week away from work will most likely suffice for the time set aside for recovery. This short frame will give the patient enough time necessary to let any swelling go down and allow the small incision sites to heal. Following this weeklong recovery, it will not be apparent a procedure was recently performed (outside of the beautiful results).

Other facial rejuvenation procedures can be performed with liposuction

Facial liposuction can be performed in conjunction with other facial rejuvenation procedures such as a Botox or filler injections quite easily. Facial lipo can even be performed with a facelift. Combining facial rejuvenation procedures may produce even more appealing results as desired. Adding other methods to the mix may result in a more extended recovery period, but the excellent results will outshine the required downtime.

The face will not sag after liposuction

In most cases, patients who have been approved by a plastic surgeon for this procedure have relatively healthy skin and will not see sagging after it is performed. However, those who are older may have looser skin that requires a little tightening. This is an example of when other facial rejuvenation procedures could be combined with facial liposuction for a more appealing end look.

Ready to get started?

If you have decided you could benefit from a facial rejuvenation procedure and you are considering lipo, we can help. Facial liposuction in Lee's Summit can provide you with the slenderizing appearance you desire, primarily if you have worked hard to lose weight all over your body but the fat around your face seems to be stubborn.

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