Visit a Facelift Surgeon in Lee's Summit Offering Multiple Treatment Options

Facelift Surgeon in Lee's SummitAs a facelift surgeon in Lee's Summit, we have several ways that we can improve your appearance. If you are tired of looking older than you feel or you simply want to rejuvenate your appearance, working with an experienced surgeon can deliver the results you are looking for. We recommend that you visit our clinic because we have multiple ways to approach improving your appearance.

What Makes You Look Older?

The natural inclination is to have a facelift. We perform this procedure and can use it to lift your skin and improve your appearance. However, it is important to consider what is making you look older first. If it is the texture of your skin and the amount of wrinkles you have, you may want to start with one of our other less invasive procedures: microdermabrasion. In this procedure, we use a chemical peel to remove the outer layer of skin so fresh skin cells can come through. This safe procedure helps expose your new skin that is more elastic. As a result, your skin will naturally feel and look tighter and your wrinkles will be reduced.

As a facelift surgeon in Lee's Summit, we can perform a facelift in order to lift your skin and improve your appearance if you feel that microdermabrasion has not achieved the results you are looking for. However, by providing you with both options, you can select the one you feel will best work for your lifestyle.

Another thing that could be making you appear older is tooth loss. If you have lost some of your teeth, your body will have been going through the resorption process. This is where calcium is leached from your jawbone for use elsewhere. Within the first year of tooth loss alone, resorption can equal 25 percent. This is because the body no longer feels that the jaw is doing its job of supporting your teeth. The challenge is that the resorption can put your other teeth at risk and also change your appearance. You face can look sunken and much older because your jawbone is no longer as dense or as strong. We can solve this problem by replacing your missing teeth with dental implants. In this procedure, we implant a small titanium post under your gum, securing it to your jawbone. The process of osseointegration will begin, and bone will be deposited around the implant. This helps stop the resorption process and restore your bone density. As your jawbone is restored, your appearance will also improve.

Visit a Facelift Surgeon in Lee's Summit

We will approach the challenges with your appearance from a holistic perspective, making a variety of recommendations that can change the way you look and feel. We encourage you to visit our clinic because of our vast resources and unique skillsets. Where some facelift surgeons only offer a facelift and most dentists only give you dental implants, we can do both and ensure that every aspect is treated correctly.


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