Visit a Facial Surgeon in Lee’s Summit for a Major Reconstruction


If you need a full smile reconstruction, you should visit a facial surgeon in Lee's Summit. One reason that people visit our office for a full smile and facial reconstruction is due to an accident. Sometimes car accidents, for example, are so severe, multiple surgeries are required in order to restore the face and smile to their pre-accident appearance.

This is a terrible and traumatic situation and one we are all too familiar with. We understand that after such a severe accident, it is difficult to think forward to the future and how to restore your appearance, health, and life. That is why you should visit our office. We are sympathetic to what you are going through. We will evaluate what needs to be done and create a plan to address each item that needs to be fixed so you can eventually look and feel your very best. Simultaneously, we are cognizant of the need to complete procedures in a fashion that will not cause any additional stress or trauma. This may mean you need to have the procedures completed over time rather than in one sitting. Regardless, you can count on us to have your best interest at heart and to work with you to create a plan that addresses all your needs.

Benefits of Visiting a Facial Surgeon in Lee's Summit

#1 - We are experts.

We perform surgery on a regular basis, and as such, we are experts at what we do. When you need something as significant as a full mouth reconstruction, you do not want to visit a general dentist who either never performs surgery or only does so on occasion. This could be to your detriment because as with anything in life, the more frequently you do something, the better will be.

#2 - We will keep you comfortable.

We use anesthesia and sedation to keep our patients as comfortable as possible when performing dental work and oral surgery. If it is something minor, such as placing dental crowns, we can keep you awake and just give you sedation so you are relaxed and calm. However, if you require more significant surgical procedures, we can put you to sleep during the process so you can receive the care you need without anxiety and without discomfort.

#3 - You will love the results.

We are confident in our work and our ability to recreate a facial structure and smile that you can be proud of. There is no such thing as a perfect smile, only one that is perfect in your eyes. This is what we will try to create.

Speak With a Facial Surgeon in Lee's Summit

We encourage you to call our office and schedule a consultation so we can examine you and let you know what we can do to assist you. We will listen to your concerns and goals and work with you to create a treatment plan that you are comfortable with.  We will also explain everything in great detail so that you can ask questions and participate in the process. 

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