Visit a Facial Surgeon Specialist in Lee’s Summit with Signs of Cancer

facial-surgeon-specialist-lees-summitAs a facial surgeon specialist in Lee’s Summit, we know that there are many challenges in modern living  that can have an adverse effect on your appearance. Even more concerning is the fact that many conditions can occur today that are directly detrimental to your health and well-being, in addition to being an adverse effect on your appearance and facial features. Being that we are a full-service facial surgeon specialist in Lee’s Summit, we have many different treatment options in order to make sure that you remain in optimal health and that you look your best.  One of the areas where we have taken a particular interest is in facial skin cancer screening. People are living longer with each passing generation and doing more activities that take them outside, which exposes them to the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Because of this exposure to ultraviolet rays, there’s always a risk of getting facial skin cancer. One of the services that we provide is scanning people, and evaluating them, for sun damaged skin including pre-malignant and malignant lesions.  This is a very important procedure that you should consider getting if you have had excessive exposure to the sun or if you see lesions appearing on your face. If it is determined that you have pre-malignant or malignant lesions on your skin, they will need to be properly surgically removed and a cosmetic reconstruction needs to be provided for the damaged skin. As a facial surgeon specialist in Lee’s Summit, we specialize in providing people with both removal and the cosmetic reconstruction of these defects. Typically, we are looking for any change and growth on your face, red or darkening areas, persistent bleeding or areas that do not heal. The presence of these indicates that you may have facial skin cancer. Once you have been evaluated and we decide that we need to remove these sun-caused lesions, the procedure will be completed under local anesthesia. This is done to remove any discomfort that you may feel while we are performing this process. Sometimes patients request that sedation or general anesthesia be administered, and we can facilitate that as well. The best part about getting this procedure done by our facial surgeon specialist is that we have the facilities available right here in our offices, which you are familiar with, and hence provide you with a comfortable and cost-effective environment in which to get the treatment. As a facial surgeon specialist in Lee’s Summit, we are dedicated to your health and well-being, which means we take facial cancer very seriously. If  you find that you are experiencing any of the symptoms including growths, irregular surfaces, reddening or darkening spots, bleeding, or spaces that will not heal on your face it is a good idea to come in to our office for an evaluation. Cancer is one of those conditions that you do not want to take chances with or delay in seeking treatment and so you should call and make the appointment today.

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