Visit an Oral Surgeon in Lee's Summit and Smile More


If you have lost teeth, you should visit our office to speak with an , oral surgeon in Lee's Summit. We can give you a new set of teeth or replace a single one you have lost. With a surgical procedure, we can give you a dental prosthetic that closely mirrors your natural teeth to the point that no one will be able to tell the difference.

How an Oral Surgeon in Lee's Summit Can Improve Your Smile

We use dental implants to replace teeth in our office. This is the only way to replace teeth that gives you not only a new tooth but a root system as well. This is because we place a titanium implant under your gums and secure it to your jawbone. The implant itself becomes your new root system, and a new dental crown is secured to it. This is a surgical procedure with lasting results. The best way to find out if this option will work for you is to call and schedule a consultation.

Why You Should Get Started

Your smile directly impacts your life in more areas than you may think. Yes, your teeth directly impact your ability to eat and speak, but not having a full set of teeth can have a wide-reaching impact. This is because your smile is incredibly powerful, and if you do not use it regularly, you will be missing out on certain benefits.

Scientifically, every time you smile, neuropeptides are released. These molecules allow your neurons to communicate so your emotions can impact all your body. This is why when a good neuropeptide (serotonin) is released, you will have a mood boost that can fight depression. This happens naturally every time you smile. These neuropeptides can make you feel less pain, lower your blood pressure, relax you, and more. Essentially, the more you smile, the better you will feel in every way.

You should also replace your teeth because it will help your appearance. Not only will your smile immediately be better because you will have all your teeth, but it will also help you look younger. After tooth loss, your body will start taking the calcium from your jaw for use elsewhere. This is because the stimulation your tooth once provided is no longer there, and the body doesn't think your jaw needs to support the tooth structure. What happens afterward is problematic from an appearance perspective. Your jaw will begin to shrink, and you will look aged. In fact, this is why many people have a sunken face as they get older.  Having dental implants placed can help to stop this process.

Call to Speak With an Oral Surgeon in Lee's Summit

You do not have to live with missing teeth. We encourage you to visit our office right away so we can give you dental implants and restore your smile. With our skill and attention to detail, we are confident that we can replace your teeth in a way that is durable and natural-looking.

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