We Offer Minimally Invasive Facial Liposuction in Lee’s Summit

Facial-Liposuction-in-Lee's-Summit20156We offer minimally invasive facial liposuction in Lee’s Summit for those who want an improvement without extensive surgery. When you have an overall attractive appearance, it can be frustrating to have a sagging neckline. It can feel as though your neck is undermining the rest of your positive physical aspects. If you have adequately elasticized skin, it is simple to receive improvement. Continue reading to learn more about our advanced and minimally invasive facial liposuction procedure and how it can benefit you.

The Process of Minimally Invasive Facial Liposuction in Lee’s Summit

When you have no interest in undergoing full liposuction, our minimally invasive option can help you to avoid expensive costs, lingering pain, and a long recovery time. Our fat removal treatments require the tiniest incision, so small it cannot even be compared to the incisions you would receive during full liposuction. This incision will not leave a scar or any noticeable sign of an entrance point. We may not even need to stitch the incision closed. During this time, we will provide you with the adequate amount of local anesthesia to ensure that your facial liposuction is free of discomfort.

Once we create your tiny incision, we will insert our technologically advanced, small fiber optic lasers into your neck or face area to begin melting away fat and removing it. This process will leave you with a more sculpted appearance and a taunter neck.

Benefits of Minimally Invasive Facial Liposuction in Lee’s Summit

Our minimally invasive process produces less bruising, little to no blood loss, less chance of the need for sutures, less discomfort, minimal trauma to tissues, and better skin contraction and elasticity due to stimulation by the heat of the laser. In most cases, you will be able to return to your daily routine, including work within 48 hours without experiencing any side effects or discomfort.

Traditionally, liposuction requires a long recovery period, stitches to close up the incision site, soreness in surrounding tissues and muscles, and baggy skin due to the absence of elasticity.

Who is the Best Candidate for Minimally Invasive Facial Liposuction in Lee’s Summit?

Patients with minimal to moderate fat storage in their neckline or jaw area are the best candidates for this procedure. An overly fatty neck will result in baggy skin following the removal of fat cells. Patients with overall good health and smart eating habits are also preferred because their results are more inclined to last for a long period of time. Younger patients are also great candidates since they have not lost the vital elasticity in their skin for a procedure like this to result in a tight, attractive, and contoured neckline and face.

If you would like to pursue liposuction without undergoing an extensive procedure that requires more of your time for healing, minimally invasive facial liposuction is a great option for you. Our facial liposuction can not only contour your neck, but it can also enhance your jawline, cheekbones, and attractive facial features. When it is unnecessary to go through traditional liposuction, we encourage the use of our minimally invasive options as they also provide excellent results.

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