What You Should Know About a Facelift in Lee’s Summit, MO

Facelift in Lee's Summit, MOIf you live in or around the area and are concerned about the visible signs of aging in your face and neck, a facelift in Lee's Summit, MO may be exactly what you have been looking for.

By temporarily smoothing out fine lines on the face and neck, treatments like Botox and Juvederm can improve your appearance. However, by tightening sagging skin on your face and neck, usually caused by the natural aging process or by weight loss, a facelift in Lee's Summit, MO can literally give you back the youthful-looking face you had 10 years ago.

In fact, a facelift is the gold standard of facial rejuvenation, making you look reinvigorated, refreshed, and much younger.

A facelift in Lee's Summit, MO can address different regions of the face and neck, depending on what is needed. For example, a brow lift raises sagging brows that "hood" the upper eyelids and can also reduce vertical frown lines between the eyebrows or the horizontal lines on the forehead.

A mini facelift primarily targets the jaw, neck, and even the lower cheeks. Should you have a double chin, loose skin on your neck, or what sometimes known as a "turkey neck," fatty deposits and excess skin can be trimmed and lifted through a small incisions behind your ears or under your chin. A small procedure like this can be done endoscopically.

The traditional full facelift (a rhytidectomy) addresses signs of aging from the forehead to the neck. Because the targeted area is much larger, the procedure will be done under general anesthetic and will require a longer incision that starts at the temple and can run around the ear or even extend further down. We will then gently lift the skin so we can tighten the underlying tissue. After which, we will reposition the skin so it lies smoothly on the face. During the procedure, any excess skin or fat will be removed. The end result is tighter, younger looking skin that has substantially fewer wrinkles and no longer sags.

Ideal Candidates for a Facelift

Unfortunately, not everyone is suited to facelift surgery.

Skin Condition: Because their skin will need to conform to its new contours, a good candidate will have skin that is still supple and retains some of its natural elasticity. This typically includes people whose ages range from 40 to about 70, although on occasion, older people also make good candidates. As a qualified plastic surgeon, I will first evaluate the texture and condition of your skin in order to determine if the procedure will benefit you.

Realistic Expectations: Anyone who is considering a traditional full facelift needs to have realistic expectations. While it can take years off your appearance, there are limitations to what the surgery can accomplish.

Cooperation: Someone who intends to go in for a full facelift also needs to be both willing to follow pre- and post-operative instructions that a member of the team will help them understand. 

Good Overall Health: Because a facelift is an invasive surgical procedure, it takes time to heal and recover. Only someone in good physical condition should consider having a facelift. You should always tell your surgeon of any pre-existing condition you might have, or any medications you may be on.

Some swelling and bruising is common after a facelift. While the pain or discomfort should be minimal, we will prescribe pain medication should you need any. Cold compresses can help relieve the swelling, and the bruises will gradually fade on their own; however, it is always a good idea to keep your head elevated as much as possible. The dressing and bandages will usually be removed in a couple of days while the stitches will be removed anywhere from five to 10 days after the surgery.

After a facelift in Lee's Summit, MO, most people can not only resume their normal activities in two to three weeks, but can do so with confidence in their much more youthful appearance.

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