Consider This When Making a Decision About Jawbone Grafting near Lee’s Summit

If you know that you need jawbone grafting near Lee's Summit, we invite you to call our office to learn more about the procedure.

Typically, patients are referred to us by their general dentist because they are looking to have teeth replaced using dental implants and do not have the bone density necessary to do so. Fortunately, a grafting procedure is all that is necessary to restore the mass of the jawbone and make it possible for a patient to receive a new set of teeth.

If you're considering jawbone grafting, here are a few important facts to know

The graph can be for a single area

People hear the term “jawbone grafting” and think that this will be a surgery performed on the entire jaw. This scenario is usually not the case. In most instances, a patient will only need to have one or two areas grafted to allow for an implant to be placed. Naturally, if all their teeth are being replaced, more of the jawbone may need to be grafted. However, typically patients are only coming in because they need to have a few teeth replaced and therefore, the grafting will be focused on those isolated areas.

A patient's bone can be used, but synthetic bone is less expensive.

The procedure can be performed in one of two ways. Patients can choose to have their own bone used, but since that requires harvesting it from another area of the body, there is a cost associated with the hospitalization and anesthesia. Patients who are looking to save time and money will often go with synthetic bone which works just as well.

The procedure itself is performed under anesthesia

Anyone opting for a jawbone grafting near Lee's Summit will benefit from having anesthesia to ensure that they do not feel anything during the procedure.

The recovery time varies

Recovery time varies anywhere from a couple of weeks to several months. We monitor patients during this time. We will also inform the patient of when the grafting has been sufficient enough to replace the lost tooth with a dental implant. Simultaneously, when it comes to comfort, a patient should begin feeling better within a week or two of the surgery.

Are dental implants worth it?

“If receiving a dental implant requires jawbone grafting, is it worth the effort to have the procedure completed?” This is a question we are asked on a regular basis, and the answer is yes. It is worthwhile to have the grafting procedure and dental implant for several reasons, including:

  • Preserving the jawbone means protecting the appearance and shape of the face
  • A person will look younger if their jawbone is dense and strong
  • Dental implants are the longest lasting tooth replacement
  • Dental implants make it possible for patients to enjoy all their favorite foods and activities without restriction
  • Dental implants look like natural teeth

There is no comparison between an implant and a solution like dentures, for example. Once implants have been placed it will be impossible for anyone to tell they are not natural teeth. Even the person who has an implant may forget when brushing or flossing because they blend in so seamlessly. This makes dental implants the only tooth replacement solution that a patient never has to think about.

Are you ready to learn more?

If you want to learn more about jawbone grafting near Lee’s Summit, we encourage you to call our office and schedule an appointment. Once here we can answer questions and begin discussing next steps.

Call us at (816) 524-4334 for more information from Facial Spectrum .

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Posted on: August 10th, 2018