What You Need To Know About Corrective Jaw Surgery

Corrective jaw surgery is not something very many people are familiar with. This surgery can help with a number of issues that could be impacting a person’s health or appearance. Understanding the critical facts related to this corrective procedure is important for patients who are having challenges caused by the shape, position or health of their jaw.

Orthognathic surgery for jaw issues

Seeing an orthodontist is a good idea for people who have malocclusion. An orthodontist can diagnose any issues with the way a patient’s teeth have formed as well as the placement of their jaw. When the jaw is out of alignment, an orthodontist may be able to reposition it using methods like braces or aligners. However, in many cases, seeing an oral and maxillofacial surgeon is recommended. Having this surgery to align the jaw may help the person breathe, chew, smile and even breathe easier.

Why is corrective jaw surgery needed?

This surgery may be needed to correct a jaw that grew abnormally. The condition can be an inherited one or one that happened during development. Those with specific conditions may have issues with their jaws and need this procedure. Other reasons why corrective jaw surgery is recommended include:

  • Genetic abnormalities of the jaw bone
  • Excessive breaking down of the teeth
  • Having a facial imbalance
  • To improve smiles where the lips do not close, and gums are shown
  • Sleep apnea issues
  • Chronic jaw pain

What to expect during jaw surgery

It is important to note that jaw surgery has to wait until the patient stops growing. This is usually around 14 for girls and 17 for boys. The specific age depends on the patient undergoing the procedure.

A patient will be asleep during the surgery itself. There are usually no scars present on the outside of the face because the surgery is performed entirely on the inside of the mouth. Wires, screws and metal plates are all used to secure the jaw into the proper alignment. Additional bone may be needed to complete the procedure, which comes from the patient's hip or rib area.

What to expect after the surgery

After surgery has been completed, the patient will be on a modified diet for a few weeks. This diet will consist of liquid foods that are easier to go down while the mouth and jaw heal. Up to three weeks is required after the procedure for healing time, which means no work or school for the patient. They should also follow the orders that were specifically given to them by the surgeon, as this can help the healing process along.

Learn more by scheduling a consultation with our office

Only a qualified, licensed surgeon can do the procedure. It is important to speak with the surgeon about the corrective jaw surgery to learn even more about what to expect and to prepare for the actual surgery.

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