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If you are interested in improving your appearance, consider a BOTOX® treatment in Lee’s Summit. This, along with laser skin resurfacing, is an excellent way to improve the appearance of your skin. A BOTOX® treatment works by targeting the muscles underneath your skin. As you age, these muscles become tense, contracting and creating wrinkles on the surface of your skin. BOTOX® relaxes the muscles so that your skin can lay smoothly, and the appearance of wrinkles or fine lines is reduced. A laser skin resurfacing, on the other hand, treats the skin itself and encourages the growth of additional collagen for fresh, new skin to come to the surface.

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    As a facelift surgeon in Lee’s Summit, we highly recommend these procedures for the incredible difference they can make in your appearance. Still, if you would like to see a more dramatic improvement you may want to consider a rhinoplasty in Lee’s Summit, MO, to change the appearance of your nose, a facelift in Lee’s Summit, MO, to eliminate your sagging skin or a facial liposuction in Lee’s Summit to eliminate extra fat. We can discuss all of these options with you in our 64086 clinic, and we invite you to call (816) 524-4334 to schedule an appointment.

    At Facial Spectrum, we are a facial surgeon specialist in Lee’s Summit and, as such, we understand that your teeth and smile can impact your appearance just as much as your skin can. To that end, we are a jaw surgeon in Lee’s Summit that performs corrective jaw surgery, a sinus lift procedure in Lee’s Summit, and jawbone grafting in Lee’s Summit. Afterwards, if you have missing teeth that need to be replaced, we are a dental implants oral surgeon in Lee’s Summit that can do so effectively. As a facial surgeon in Lee’s Summit, we also perform wisdom teeth removal in Lee’s Summit, MO, if you have wisdom teeth that are bothering you.

    Regardless of whether your needs are purely esthetic and solved by a BOTOX® treatment or you need more extensive jaw surgery, we can help. For more information, call and schedule an appointment today.

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