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    Facial Surgery

    (Face, Brow or Neck Lift, Facial Implants, Otoplasty)


    The dressing placed immediately after surgery will typically be removed the next day at your post-operative appointment. Starting from that point forward, please wear the neck and face support strap we provide full time for the first week and half time the second week. It may be comfortable for you to wear the support garment for an additional two weeks at night.


    Dissolve in about two weeks. If external sutures or staples in hair-bearing areas are used, they will be removed in about seven days.


    Gently wash your hair everyday beginning the day after surgery with your choice of shampoo. The incisions may be cleaned with diluted peroxide. Carefully dilute the peroxide with 1 part peroxide to 3 parts water. After cleaning, cote with antibiotic ointment or Scarguard as instructed. Do not soak the incisions in water.


    Sit and sleep with head elevated as much as possible for the first week to minimize swelling. Avoid bending over to decrease pressure on the face. Frozen peas or ice over the surgical area for the first 24-48 hours (30 min on/off) will also help minimize swelling. Try to limit neck turning for up to six weeks. Increase your activity as tolerated with no heavy exercise or lifting for at least two weeks. Avoid driving while still taking prescription pain medication.


    Swelling, bruising and some bloody drainage is normal. The swelling, bruising and pain will reach it’s maximum at 3-4 days postoperatively and then begin to resolve. If it does not slowly get better daily, please contact us. As numbness subsides, it is common to feel tingling or sharp sensations. These sensations will eventually go away, however it may take months to resolve.


    Painful extreme swelling and hardness often accompanied by bruising, HEMATOMA: usually unilateral causing asymmetry. Please notify us if you have any symptoms you are concerned with.

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