How Can Laser Skin Resurfacing Help Me?


Many people are skeptical about trying cosmetic improvement treatments, but laser skin resurfacing has something different to offer-- results you can trust. This cosmetic treatment is a safe, quick procedure that can improve imperfections on your skin, making you look younger, healthier, and happier without having to undergo a long, drawn out procedure that includes incisions and stitches. Our laser skin resurfacing is minimally invasive, meaning you will be in and out in no time, and your recovery period will be short and comfortable.

Who does laser skin resurfacing help?

If you have aged prematurely due to naturally fair skin or too much sun exposure, laser skin resurfacing can help you. This procedure removes imperfections like acne scars, smile lines, crow’s feet, and brown splotches. In some cases or combined with other treatments, it can even minimize the appearance of spider veins or broken blood vessels on your face.

How does laser resurfacing work?

This procedure uses precise laser light beams to gently contact and peel areas of damaged skin. While it penetrates the skin to induce peeling, it also stimulates deeper levels of your skin to produce new collagen growth that results in younger, tauter skin.

Does this procedure take very long?

In comparison to other cosmetic improvement treatments, laser skin resurfacing only takes a short time to complete. In most cases, your appointment will last an hour or two with only 30-45 minutes spent under the laser. You will need extra time before and after to receive topical creams that will help with numbing beforehand and moisturizing creams to be used during recovery. You may require follow-up treatment to get the new and improved appearance you are searching for. Some people visit for three to four treatments for their desired results. Healing times vary from three days to a week before you can go back to your usual schedule without peeling and redness.

If I have a laser skin resurfacing treatment can I still get Botox?

Since laser skin resurfacing and Botox work in totally different ways and are used to fix different issues, it is completely safe to use laser skin resurfacing and Botox together. You may not be able to have both treatments performed during the same exact appointment, but you can receive Botox shortly after. Dermal fillers are also safe to use after undergoing a laser skin resurfacing treatment.

If you are unhappy with your skin, a laser skin resurfacing treatment can help drastically. If you are concerned about discomfort during the procedure, don’t be. Most people only experience a warm, tingling sensation while the laser is used. You will be provided with anesthetics during the treatment and creams to help you recover as quickly as possible afterward. You will need to wear sunscreen if you are outdoors following your treatment, and you should be prepared for follow-up visits to monitor healing. If you have any questions, please contact us to schedule a visit to learn more.

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