What are Lip Implants?

lip implants

If you prefer a long-lasting pert pout, lip augmentation is possible. They do this through a plastic surgery procedure to place soft, supple implants inside the lips. Many patients who want to improve their lips choose dermal fillers. But lip implants present a more lasting and reversible method for fuller, youthful lips. Lip implants are mini silicone, or expanded polytetrafluoroethylene, implants implanted into the lips through a small cut.

General information about lip implants

Who can get lip implants?

If your lips are thin or have lost shape or volume because of aging, then lip implants may be right for you. Like every other cosmetic surgery, the patient must be fit, healthy and have an achievable aim and anticipation of possible results.

You should not get lip implants if the area is infected (with conditions such as cold sores and acne) because it could cause possible complications. Before getting lip implants, talk with a plastic surgeon to know if you are a suitable candidate.

The lip implant procedure

The first step of getting lip implants is going for a consultation. During the session, the doctor will tell you about the varieties of implants available and discuss the health risks and advantages of going through the procedure. This will be your chance to inquire about anything and describe your aims and expectations of the process.

The surgeon will examine your medical records to ensure there is no issue that may inhibit the procedure. They will also use photos to show you what you would look like after the procedure. Afterward, you will sign a consent form.

If you choose to proceed with the treatment, the surgeon will administer local anesthesia to your lips to make them numb. In some instances, you may be sedated for the lip implant procedure. The surgeon will then create a tiny incision at the corner of the mouth, then the implant will be injected and appropriately divided before closing the cut with stitches.

You may experience swelling, bruising and pain following the procedure. The lip will also feel tender for a few weeks. Taking painkillers can help you manage the pain.

Typically, you should be able to resume your normal routine, but recovery may take up to three weeks. You will have to revisit the surgeon to remove the stitches after some time.

Types of Implant procedures

The most regularly-used type of lip implant is built from a material called expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE). This is a germ-free, rubber-like substance that has been adopted in other medical areas such as hernia repair, vein replacement or strengthing the stomach wall. This material is also used during chin and cheek implants. For the lips, the implant is stable, beautifying and is reversible in most situations.

Other varieties of lip implants are developed from silicone. Silicone lip implants are similar to tiny silicone tubes that are placed into the lip with minor surgery. Silicone lip implants are also useful for the long-term lip improvement and can be extracted if the results are not as you hoped.

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